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We supply all different types of Mulch and Firewood for your needs.
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Firewood & Mulch in Brisbane Southside

Unlike many industries, all the bi-products created by GDE Tree Services can be recycled back into the environment.

GDE Tree Services is a major supplier of split aged and dried firewood, providing to city councils, restaurants and other commercial clients, as well as feeding the domestic market for home fires and barbeques.
Some of our firewood in Brisbane Southside
Our firewood can be delivered in truckloads or in bags. Customers can also visit our lumberyard and take home as much as they need. Talk to one of our representatives today and get a great quote on our prime firewood.

One of GDE’s most prominent customers over the last 15 years has been the Brisbane City Council. We have enjoyed a long standing, mutually beneficial relationship as a preferred supplier of mulch and related products. Over this time, we have supplied quality products for many companies and large scale projects including Brisbane City Council specifically for use in the City Botanical Gardens and New Farm Park, Roma St Parklands, Government House, Victoria Park, Welsby Park, Mowbray Park and a variety of other BCC suburban parks.
Forest Mulch 
Forest Mulch is a direct bi-product of our domestic tree cutting service. We pass the mulch through a single-chipping process, turning it into a ground mix green waste product suitable for garden mulch and for spreading across large spaces.
forest mulch
First Grind
First Grind is a tub-ground mulch made from mixed green waste. It still has all the practical benefits of our premium mulch, but at a much lower price.
first grind
Forest Fine
Forest Fine is forest mulch that has heavily aged to remove aesthetic and biological impurities, then ground up twice so that the end product is both consistent and free-flowing.

This type of mulch is ideal for feature gardens and landscaping. Not only it is a high-quality mulch that works for decorative purposes, but it also acts as an excellent soil conditioner and water retainer.
forest fine
Are you looking for premium mulch and firewood in Brisbane?
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