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Commercial land clearing in Brisbane

commercial land clearing
GDE Tree Services has extensive tree clearing experience in the Gold Coast area for a wide range of commercial clients. We are able to clear land efficiently and effectively in order to make way for large construction projects. We also offer tub grinding, edge-of-road clearing and vegetation management. We’ll also recycle any tree and green waste that results from our work.

Our Extensive Range of Clients
Companies such as BMD, Fulton Hogan, CIP, JMAC, PMW and Bielby Holdings seek after our professional tree and land clearing solutions. GDE have also worked closely and extensively for RoadTek in central Queensland as a contractor to Clive's Tree Services.

We have been successfully engaged on many larger scale projects, such as land clearing for the upgrade of the Pacific Motorway at Loganlea, and the Queensland Government's Western Corridor Pipeline. This project involved land clearing of the corridor from Ipswich to Eagle Farm. In both of these projects GDE Tree Services was contracted to not only clear the land, but also to recycle all of the vegetation cleared from the areas into mulch products to be used on site after the projects were completed. Due to our 100% eco friendly company ethos this was a job which we relished completing. Not a leaf went to waste!

Arborist Reports
In addition to our commercial land clearing services, GDE Tree Services also have a long-standing professional relationship with qualified Wildlife Spotters and Level 5 Arborists. Their services include written reports, site assessments & attendance during works and they are often necessary for large commercial projects to ensure that everything is above board.

GDE Tree Services are happy to provide quotations on these additional services in a case-by-case basis.

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