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Reliable tree surgery services in Brisbane

Do you provide an emergency storm damage service?

Yes. We also specialize in preventative maintenance to protect your home in the event of storms, please contact us for an obligation-free storm damage assessment & quote.

How do I pay?

Cash, cheque, credit cards, EFTPOS & EFT or pop into our office to pay in person.

Do you have insurance?

Yes. We encourage customers to view our certificates of currency for all insurances, our staff carry them at all times and you should always check your trade person’s insurances!

Can you give me a quote for tree maintenance or tree removal over the phone?

We only offer site specific quotes so in order to give you an accurate quote and expert advice, we need to physically examine the tree/s. Our quotation service is obligation free and our estimator works by appointment – We guarantee to turn up to every quote, on time, every time!

How much will it cost to get a tree removed or trimmed by GDE Tree Services?

The cost of tree trimming and tree removal varies depending on:
  • The type of the tree or trees to be removed and or trimmed
  • The size of the tree or trees that needs to be removed and or trimmed 
  • The location of the tree that needs to be removed and or trimmed
  • If the tree or tree/s require stump grinding after removal  
To get an obligation free quotation please contact us!

How long are quotes valid for?

30 days.

Do I need council approval before I can have my trees removed?

Yes. Where required, for advice regarding VPO's, please contact us, we can help.

Can I keep the mulch?

Yes, you are allowed to keep your own mulch. We will unload the mulch to an accessible spot/area.

Do you remove stumps?

We specialise in the removal of unsightly, dangerous or problem tree stumps and roots. Small yard accessible, we have several stump grinding units so big or small, we can grind them all.
Are you looking for reliable tree surgery services in Brisbane?
Call 07 3271 6411 today to find out more.



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