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Stump Removal Services in Brisbane Southside

Our stump removal experts in Brisbane Southside
Got Stumps?
GDE Tree Services are experts at tree and stump removal and grinding. Our experience and professionalism make as highly sought after and we live up to our reputation. 

Hazardous and Unsightly Stump Removal Stumps can be a tripping hazard for you and your family, a danger when mowing your lawn, or can just be plain ugly. If you have unsightly, dangerous or problem tree stumps and roots in your garden, then we can help you.
Quality Equipment
Our qualified staff can remove your stumps using a specialised grinder. This hydraulically driven machine has a spinning wheel on the front with teeth that chip the stub into little pieces of mulch by grinding in a swinging motion from side to side. As it does so it mixes with the surrounding soil, so you are left with a mixture of fine mulch, soil and wood shavings. We can take this away to be recycled as it makes for excellent composting material, or leave it with you if you want it for your own garden.

Professional Staff
GDE Tree Services are a highly qualified and experienced team of Arborists with over two decades of experience in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. We truly go above and beyond just removing dangerous tree remnants from your yard - we can also offer advice on the best approach for your yard and garden.

Any Job Large or Small
We pride ourselves on being able to tackle almost any task. Our fleet of stump grinders can take on the most difficult grinding job. We have smaller units that can be deployed in areas with limited access and we also carry industrial-sized machines that can take on the remains of any large trees. Big or small, residential, municipal or commercial, we can grind them all.

If you are in need of stump removal in Brisbane or the Gold Coast then please contact GDE Tree Services. One of our friendly staff will be happy to answer any enquiries that you have and come to do a free, no obligation quote for you.

Are you looking for safe stump removal services in Brisbane?
Call 07 3271 6411 today to find out more.



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