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Expert Tree Removal in Brisbane

Usually, trees add beauty, elegance and shade to your property. However, sometimes even a beloved tree has to go. Get the job done safely with GDE Tree Services. We can perform your tree removal quickly and safely, so contact us immediately. We proudly serve the Brisbane area.

Eliminate Eyesores and Hazards

Most trees live long and healthy lives. However, sometimes a tree needs to be removed right away for one of these reasons:
  • The tree is dead or dying
  • Rot, insect activity or fungus has damaged the tree enough to make it unstable
  • The tree damages nearby buildings, or the tree’s roots damage paved areas or pipe work
  • The tree obstructs a new development site
  • The tree is hazardous, such as if it drops large branches
  • The tree has been damaged in a storm
Tree removal can fix these problems for you, whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner. Let us solve your problem. GDE Tree Services has extensive experience, and we can perform tree removal safely on any type of tree, no matter how big the trees are or how difficult they are to reach.

Stay Safe

When you call us for tree removal, we’ll usually start by carefully taking limbs off the trunk. One of our expert climbers will go up the tree with help from the ground crew to cut off branches, which our crew lowers to the ground using a pulley system. This method is safe and limits the amount of damage to the property.

However, if the tree is particularly large or dangerous, we’ll use an elevated work platform (commonly known as a EWP or cherry picker) instead to ensure everyone’s safety. Whichever method we use, rest assured that we’ll take great care to keep your property in good condition as we work. Additionally, we’ll clean up our own mess—and we operate a 100% treecycle company, turning the green waste byproduct into environmentally friendly garden mulch.

Call the Best

When you need expert tree removal services in Brisbane, don’t hesitate. Call 07 3271 6411 to make an obligation-free quotation appointment with GDE Tree Services.



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